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Homemade Chocolate Truffles

The Chocolate School


The Chocolate School


Here at The Chocolate School, we are passionate about chocolate and pride ourselves in teaching professional chocolatier skills that can be used at home. Whether you are just starting out, wanting to advance your skills or simply love everything chocolate, we’d love to teach you in our relaxed and fun chocolate making workshops.


Learn step-by-step how to make everything from a decorated chocolate lollipop, different flavoured truffles to a ganache filled chocolate. You don’t need any previous chocolate making experience and you will get a detailed recipe sheets to take home with you.

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Our Courses


Truffles in a Chocolate bowl

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to make delicious and professional looking truffles. You will learn how to make a ganache and pipe this into truffles. You will then learn how to temper chocolate and use this to make a chocolate bowl and to coat your truffles. Once dipped in chocolate, you will hand roll your truffles in coatings of your choice. These will then be arranged in your chocolate bowl.

Cost: £50 per person

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Family chocolate making

This hands-on workshop is for families who would like to try their hand at chocolate making and gain skills that they can repeat at home.  You will learn how to temper chocolate so that it sets correctly and you will use this chocolate to make a chocolate bar or chocolate lollipop and then to dip your truffles and other items such as honeycomb. Whilst your chocolate products are setting, you will use some fine piping skills to decorate your lollipop or chocolate bar. Finally, you will package your chocolates to take home

Cost: £45 per person

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Children's birthday parties

What child doesn't love chocolate?
We provide the perfect setting for your child's birthday party event. During this workshop, the children will have a fantastic, fun time making a variety of chocolate products. They will make a bar of chocolate and decorate this with a varity of fun toppings. They will also make a chocolate pig out of a marshmallow and then chocolate dip a range of itens such as pretzels, popcorn and honeycomb.

Cost: £30 per child

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All about Chocolate

Who said that learning isn't fun?

If you are aged 10 - 16, we would love to have you in The Chocolate School where you will learn all about chocolate. This fun session covers the history of chocolate, where chocolate comes from, the process of making chocolate, and the different types of chocolate.

Plus you get to taste some chocolate and then decorate your own chocolate to take home

Cost: £20 per child

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.”

- John Q. Tullius -

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The Mayford Centre, Mayford Green, Woking GU22 0PP

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About Us


I’m Karen. I’ve been baking since I was a teenager, but after leaving a career in education and research in 2020, I retrained and set up my own chocolate making workshops from home. I have now expanded the business to running the workshops out of a professional kitchen in Surrey.


I enjoy passing on my skills through my chocolate making workshops and love seeing the fun that people experience when they learn how to create professional looking chocolates. One of my favourite parts of the course is the chocolate tasting, where people get to really appreciate the taste of good quality chocolate. As many of my past participants have said:


“I will never again be able to eat any other type of chocolate!”


My focus is on teaching people skills that they can replicate when at home. So, I use high quality ingredients that are widely available and equipment that many people have at home or can obtain reasonably cheaply. Once you have got the chocolate bug, you will come back time and time again to learn new and more advanced skills.

About Us


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